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GALEP Galt Horse Assisted Learning & Enrichment Program
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GALEP Programs
The GALEP program provides both therapeutic riding and after school horsemastership classes to students in the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District.
Therapeutic Riding 

GALEP therapeutic riding is conducted at the GALEP facility located behind McCaffrey Middle School in Galt. Participating students are evaluated by teachers and instructors and an individual learning plan is developed for each student. Most participants in the therapeutic riding portion of the program are also taught general horsemastership so that their equine experience will be complete. Riders are assisted by volunteers to make sure they remain secure on the horse. The goal for every therapeutic riding student is to increase their ability to ride independently.


The GALEP horsemastership program is a component of the Galt Elementary School District’s after school programs. Horses are brought to participating schools and classes take place on the school grounds. Similar to the therapeutic riding program, students learn about a variety of horse related topics including how to safely handle the horse, grooming, horse care, tack, and horse anatomy. Students wishing to further their equestrian learning experience are transported to the GALEP arena for horseback riding lessons.